Northwest Airlines  Lockheed 10-A Electra  NC14263              (c/n  1010)


                                      Following the Air Mail fiasco of 1934, Northwest Airways, of course, lost its CAM 9 Air Mail
                                      route and in April of that year (1934) was reconstituted as Northwest Airlines.  It managed to bid
                                      successfully on the new northern transcontinental air mail route, but unfortunately was only granted
                                      the portion from Fargo N.D. to the west.   This problem was overcome in December of 1934 when
                                      Northwest was able to purchase the air mail rights from Fargo to Chicago from Hanford's Tri-State
                                      Airlines.  (It also picked up the Fargo to Winnipeg route in the deal).  The airline was re-started with
                                      a fleet of nine new Lockheed Electras, and were, in fact, the launch customer for this 190 mph airliner.