Northwest Airlines  Douglas DC-7C  N284        (c/n  45203)


                                         The DC-7C (dubbed "Seven Seas" for obvious reasons) was the ultimate in the range of Douglas
                                         Commercial transports.    Mighty it may have been, but it was also mighty uncomfortable to travel
                                         in, considering that it was intended, indeed, to traverse the seven seas.   i.e. the 7C was only used
                                         on stage lengths measured in thousands, rather than hundreds of miles, and the Polar Route trip
                                         from New York to Tokyo in one can only be described as a noisy ordeal.   Rapidly eclipsed by the
                                         Lockheed Electra, they were only in service for less than a decade, and some of the fleet of  fifteen
                                         of them for considerably less than that.  N284 was delivered in 1957 and converted to all freighter
                                         configuration in 1961.