Northwest Airlines Boeing 747-251F  N629US     (c/n   22388)


                                        A very important item on NWA's Income Statement is their pure freight operation.  For this purpose
                                        a half dozen of their 747s were ordered, purpose-built, as freighters.  These "window-less wonders"
                                        are sufficiently different, I felt, as to warrant an entry of their own.  This evocative shot was taken by
                                        Dickson Ching (of Hong Kong Aircraft Engieering Co Ltd) of N629US on short finals into Hong
                                        Kong's Chek Lap Kok International Airport in May of 2005.  It is displaying the now standard livery
                                        for NWA freighters.  Interestingly, the high rise apartments are now somewhat further away than they
                                        were on the final approaches into Kai Tek where I swear that one day I could actually look through
                                        an apartment window and see what the family were having for dinner!