Northwest Airlines  Boeing 747-451  N671US             (c/n  26477)


                                           The first serious enlargement of the basic Boeing 747 design was with the series 300, dubbed
                                           initially "SUD" (stretched upped deck).   This huge machine was capable of transporting 630
                                           passengers .   This model gave rise to the more popular and numerous series 400, which differs
                                           from the earlier -300 in that it has wing-tip "winglets", a completely EFIS flight deck and grosses
                                           at an AUW of 870,000 lbs.   Seen (above) at New York's JFK in 2001 in this nice shot by
                                           Michael F. McLaughlin is one of NWA's 16 or so series -400s, N671US.   This aircraft carries
                                           the legend "City of Detroit" on the port side, and "Friends of China" in Cangjie script on the