Northwest Airlines  Boeing 727-251      N262US      (c/n  19981)


                                     Like just about all of the 727 operators, when the time came for re-ordering, Northwest opted
                                     for the extended length series 200 model.   In the 1980s, this aircraft took over where the old
                                     707 models left off.    The above shot is by Frank C, Duarte, Jr. and shows N262US at Orlando
                                     International Airport in 1991.   In the mid 1990s the airline revied its livery, running the tail red
                                     along the fuselage top, with grey fuselage and white undersides (the reverse of the trend started
                                     in the 1950s).  Seen below is an image by Mark Abbott taken at Wold Chamberlin Field in
                                     Minneapolis in March of 2001 of a Boeing 727 displaying this livery.  This particular machine is a
                                     so-called "Advanced" Boeing 727-200 .  The Advanced model had a max take off gross weight
                                     of some 209,500 lbs versus the 172,000 lbs of  a "regular" 727-200, new thrust reversers, automatic
                                     braking and spoilers and noise reducing nacelles.

                                     Boeing 727-251/Adv  N295US         (c/n  21508)