Northwest Airlines  Boeing 377 Stratocruiser   N74601          (c/n  15947)

                                       In 1949 Northwest took delivery of a fleet of ten magnificent Boeing Stratocruisers, with which to
                                       service its Pacific routes, primarily from Seattle to Hawaii and on to Tokyo and Hong Kong.  This
                                       luxurious aircraft was fitted with a complete bar on the lower level, access to which was gained via
                                       a circular staircase.   It truly was the most luxurious airliner of its time.  At this time the airline took
                                       on a new appellation and began calling itself Northwest Orient Airlines.  That was never the corp-
                                       orate name of this airline, however, and I  shall continue to refer to it in both text and index as North-
                                       west Airlines.   The Stratocruisers were expensive to operate, and N74601 was sold in 1959.  In
                                       it was purchased by Aero Spacelines presumably with the intent of converting it to a "Super Guppy".
                                       In the event that didn't happen (it was probably used for spares) and it was withdrawn from use and
                                       broken up at Santa Barbara, California in 1967.