Northern Consolidated Airlines  Fairchild F-27B         Unknown


                                    Photographs of Northern Consolidated F-27s are rare and I am indebted to Lars Opland for the
                                    images on this page.  Unfortunately the identities of either of these machines cannot be determined. 
                                    The airline operated three of them ( N4903, N4904 and N4905), and all were absorbed into the
                                    Wien Consolidated fleet when Wien Alaska purchased Northern Consolidated in March of 1968.
                                    NCA's F-27s were unique in that they were the only three F-27Bs produced.  This model had a
                                    large port side cargo door on the forward fuselage (seen open in the above shot).  Note rough field
                                    on the lower shot......a testament to the ruggedness of this Dutch-designed aircraft.