Northern Consolidated Airlines  Lockheed Vega DL-1B   NC12288       (c/n   161)


                                          Northern Consolidated was formed in 1945 as a result of merging the following smaller carriers:
                                          Bristol Bay Air Service; Northern Airways; Northern Air Service; Jim Dodson Airways and
                                          Walatka Air Service.   This "tin skinned" Vega was part of Northern Air Service's assets
                                          and passed to NCA who continued to operate it until 1952.  It was kind of a "one off" and
                                          was built in 1933 from bits and pieces gleaned from the bankrupt Detroit Aircraft Corporation
                                          and Lockheed Burbank parts.  It was operated by Braniff from 1934 to 1939.   These two
                                          images are courtesy of the Lars Opland collection.  The lower one was taken at Kotzebue.