Northeast Airlines Douglas DC-3  N19428           (c/n  11648)


                                         This NEA DC-3 not only exhibits a revised livery (the winged Pilgrim emblem has gone) but
                                        .also reveals an attempt made in the late 1950s to update it.  C-117 type landing gear doors
                                         have been fitted to reduce drag.  The registration has been re-located from the almost im-
                                         possible to read red on navy blue on the fin to the mandatory larger numbers on the fuselage.
                                         N19428 was an ex C-53D-DO with serial number 42-68721 which went to United Airlines
                                         after WW II..  NEA purchased it in 1953 and kept it until 1967.  Never a large airline, North-
                                         east owned a total of just over 20 DC-3s at one time or another.