New York Airways Boeing-Vertol V 107  N6672D                    (c/n  2)


                                      In 1958 New York Airways deserted Sikorsky in favor of the Vertol 107.    Seven were purchased
                                      (including two operated operated under contract to PanAm), by which time Vertol had been acquired
                                      by Boeing.  N6672D seen above at the then "new" TWA terminal at JFK was the first in the fleet.  I
                                      used them a lot in the early 1970s, wherein I would  fly into Newark on Mohawk and then connect to
                                      JFK for my flights to Europe via the Vertols.  The evening runs over the Statue of Liberty just as the
                                      lights were coming on remain forever in my (now failing) memory! 
                                      The photograph below depicts a publicity stunt pulled off in the late 1950s whereby a Ford Mustang
                                      was hauled around Manhattan under a Vertol twin rotor helicopter. Here it is seen at the West 30th
                                      Street heliport. 

                                         Boeing-Vertol V 107  N6676D                               (c/n 6)