National Parks Airways  Boeing 80  N7138?               (c/n  1033)


                                           None of the references I have indicate that NPA ever operated a Boeing 80 (or 80-A) and yet
                                           here is clear evidence from the Jerry Ellinghouse collection (via Craig Neumayer) that they did!
                                           Craig also dug up a newspaper clipping dated 6 July 1937 indicatiing that this aircraft was used
                                           to resume regular aerial scenic tours over Yellowstone National Park originating and terminating
                                           at West Yellowstone Airport.   I believe that WAE had N7138 on its books well into the 1930s
                                           and hence I am guessing that it was this machine was either leased or sold to NPA at that time.
                                           Frankly, I doubt whether they are many folks alive today (2011) who can thow much light on this
                                           story.  The aircraft appears to be a Pratt & Whitney Wasp powered Model 80 rather than a 80-A
                                           (see photos below).