National Parks Airways   Boeing 40-C    NC841M                 (c/n 1167)


                                         The Boeing 40-C was the forerunner of the highly successful Model 40-B4.  Ten were built, nine
                                         going to Pacific Air Transport and one, NC841M, was sold new in 1929 to National Parks Air-
                                         ways.  My notes indicate that for a portion of its life it operated on skis.  The above rare shot of it
                                         comes from the Marriott Library collection at the University of Utah.  All the 40-Cs includng this
                                         one were eventually converted to 40-B4 by retroactively installing the more powerful Pratt & Whit-
                                         ney Hornet engine in place of the original P&W Wasp.    It was the only Boeing 40 operated by
                                         NPA and was sold in January 1935 to Scenic Airways.