National Airlines  Lockheed 10-B Electra   NC14961     (c/.n  1039)


                                        This badly cropped image of a National Airlines Electra is, unfortunately, the only one I have.
                                        However, it does illustrate the first usage of "The Buccaneer Route"  titling which became
                                        National's by-line.   The 10-B variant of the Electra was powered by two Wright R-975-E3
                                        engines rated at 440 h.p. (versus the P&W Twin Wasp Juniors of the Model 10-A).   This
                                        power plant variation had been requested by Eastern Airlines and this Electra was, in fact, an
                                        ex-Eastern machine.   With this new equipment the airline was able to expand out of Florida
                                        and ranged as far north as Washington D.,C.  As indicated previously, the head quarters were
                                        relocated to Jacksonville, Florida by this time.