National Air Transport  Ford 5-AT-D  NC436H          (c/n   103)


                                        National began receiving updated Ford Tri-Motors at the end of 1928.   They were used on the
                                        Chicago - New York route.  Much of this traffic was comprised of transcontinental passengers
                                        arriving off Boeing Air Transport Boeing 80As in Chicago, and then transferring to NAT for their
                                        onward passage to New York.    On 31 March 1930 United Aircraft acquired 30% of NAT's
                                        stock.   By April this was up to 57% and on 7 May 1930 the purchase of NAT was completed.
                                        The aircraft then ran in dual identity (with their "National Air Transport" logo side-barred with
                                         "United Air Lines") until 1934, when the four founder airlines finally lost their identity.