National Air Transport    Curtiss Falcon Mailplane   (NC)210E     (c/n   10)


                               These ancient prints are courtesy United Air Lines.  NAT purchased a dozen or so of these un-
                               gainly looking biplanes to replace the (even uglier) Curtiss Carrier Pigeons.  They were powered
                               by the old reliable Liberty 12 engines developing some 400 hp, and were to be seen in constant
                               use on the New York to Chicago mail runs, often being flown at night, now that airway lighting
                              had been accomplished in the eastern part of the country.    The aircraft seen below illustrates an
                              advancement on the original design, this version being powered by a 600 hp Curtiss Conqueror

                              Curtiss Falcon Mailplane       (NC)301E      (c/n   15)