Mohawk Airlines Martin 4-0-4   N460A           (c/n  14151)


                                          Neither one of the two shots in this entry are exactly brilliant.  The grainy one above came from a
                                          Mohawk Airlines house journal and the color shot below is from the Mike Sparkman collection.
                                          Anyway, Mohawk acquired some 15 of these aircraft for their short haul routes in 1961 to augment
                                          their Convair 440s. They were cheaper to purchase than second hand Convairs and gave them the
                                          added capacity their rapidly growing route mileage called for.  All the Martins were ex-Eastern Air
                                          Lines machines, and were re-registered almost as soon as they came aboard.   The above one be-
                                          came N464M although obviously this shot was taken just after its acquisition, since it is still carrying
                                          its EAL rego.   The lower machine was previously N462A and became N462M, although in most
                                          cases the base number was also changed.  The Martins were given the generic name  "Cosmopolitan"
                                          as opposed to the "Metropolitan" handle given to the contemporary Convair 440.  Just about all of
                                          Mohawk's 4-0-4s were eventually sold to Ozark Airlines.

                                              Martin 4-0-4  N462M                    (c/n  14153)