Mohawk Airlines BAC-111  N2111J                  (c/n   29)


                                               In 1965 Mohawk took the unprecedented step of ordering a non-American aircraft with which
                                               to enter the jet field.  Actually, Braniff were the first, but Mohawk were not far behind.  This BAe
                                               shot shows the aircraft wearing the new two tone dark red (almost purple) and medium red livery
                                               scheme which was to be adopted by, and become the trademark feature of take-over airline
                                               Allegheny in later years.     This machine was not only taken over by Allegheny, but stuck around
                                               long enough to wear US Air insignia, as the image below, taken by Mitchell Teixeira at Richmond
                                               International (Byrd Field) in 1986, illustrates.