Mackey Airlines  Douglas DC-3  N86584         (c/n  4935) 


                                              This rare photograph came from the files of Howard Levy.  It was taken at the old Oakes
                                              Field, Nassau, Bahamas in 1955.   Note BWIA Vickers Viking in the left background.
                                              Mackey Airlines was founded in 1953 and ran intra-Florida routes between Ft.Lauderdale,
                                              West Palm Beach, St.Petersburg and Tampa.  It also flew schedules to Nassua, Bahamas
                                              from those cities.  N86584 was built as a C-53-DO (42-6483).  After WW II it went to
                                              Eastern Air Lines and then passed to Capital Airlines before being acquired by Mackey in
                                              1953.  It is, I believe, still registered (they are still some 300 DC-3s world wide) and alive
                                              and well in Arizona, being used as a skydiver drop ship.