Los Angeles Airways  Sikorsky S-55  N412A    (c/n  55277)


                                        So succesful were the air mail contracts that Los Angeles Airways upgraded their S-51s to S-55s
                                        in 1954, and began carrying passengers.  The routes were extended far beyond the original four
                                        points linking to LAX.  There was even a heliport at Disneyland.    Other airports and helicopter
                                        pads served were at Burbank, Glendale, Alhambra, Fullerton, Ontario, Corona, Long Beach, and
                                        Wilmington.  Mail was still the prime source of revenue and the shot below shows a sister craft
                                        loading mail at LAX.

                                   Sikorsky S-55B   N414A         (c/n   55279)