Lake Central Airlines  Curtiss C-46  N1802N                  (c/n 22475)


                                       In December 1951 Lake Central leased this sole C-46 for a period of two years or so.   The rare
                                       photo above was taken by Bill Larkins at Oakland in April 1952.  The C-46 was used for military
                                       charters.   At about that time a fourth DC-3 was also acquired by the fledgling airline for charter
                                       work, although, unlike the C-46, it was soon used on regular scheduled services..  N1802M was
                                       returned to the US Air Force in May of 1954 but was soon leased again, this time to Resort Air-
                                       lines in July of that year.  It had a long and convoluted history after that (including a stint in Canada
                                       as CF-HTJ) and finally wound up with Southern Air Transport in 1982, by then registered as