Lake Central Airlines Convair 340-31   N73151                  (c/n    169)


                                                 This image is somewhat rare in that it shows a Lake Central Convair 340 before it was
                                                 converted to a model 580 by the susbtitution of Allison 501 D13D turbo-props for the
                                                 Pratt & Whitney R-2800 radial engines.  This aircraft was originally delivered to United
                                                 Airlines who flew it from 1954 as "Mainliner Springfield until its sale to LCA in 1960.
                                                 Seen below, is a rare shot from the Mike Sparkman collection showing a 340 in full
                                                 'Airline of the Heart' livery applied to the converted 580 fleet. 

                                             Convair 340-31  N73149                            (c/n  163)