Kohler Aviation Corp  Loening C-2C Air Yacht   NC138H           (c/n  235)


                                   Kohler Aviation Corporation was founded by John B. Kohler in Grand Rapids, Mich, on
                                   30 August 1929.   It provided the "Bridge Across Lake Michigan"  route from Milwaukee
                                   to Muskegon, adding Lansing and Detroit at a later date.  In November 1929 Kohler sold
                                   his route to Northwest Airlines, but continued to fly the service under contract to NWA.
                                   Kohler was another company (along with TAT and NWA) which provided for direct transfer
                                   from plane to train, in this case providing direct connections from Milwaukee to New York
                                   (via a link with the Michigan Central Railroad).  When the air mail contracts were canceled
                                   in 1934, Kohler was refused permission to re-bid on the Muskegon-Detroit section by
                                   reason of the fact that it had, on its board of directors, a person (Richard W. Robbins) who
                                   had, it was alleged, taken part in the 1930 conferences between air mail contractors and
                                   Post Office officials (the so-called "Spoils Conference).    In the event the routes and
                                   assets were acquired by Pennsylvania Airlines in June of 1934, giving that airline a much
                                   needed trans Lake Michigan route.    Seen below are images illustrating a line up of the
                                   Kohler fleet at Grand Rapids in 1931 and a plane-train interchange taking place. 

                                 Loening C-2C Air Yacht    NC9156      (c/n  224)