Inter-Island Airways  Sikorsky S-38C  NC305N          (c/n  414-3)


                                           Inter-Island Airways was founded on 30 January 1929 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the
                                           Inter-Island Steam Navigation Comnpany Ltd.  Scheduled services commenced in November
                                           of 1929 linking Honolulu with Maui, Hilo and Kauai using two Sikorsky S-38s.  More were
                                           added into the early 1930s and the one seen above is a later model S-38C.  Interestingly, since
                                           Hawaii was a "territory" (the United States' term for a colony) the CAB, when it came along,
                                           could not classify the airlines as Domestic or International carriers, and hence coined the name
                                           "Territorial" for them.   Inter-Island obtained Air Mail contracts in 1934.