Imperial Airlines  Cessna 402B  Businessliner   N4623N                (c/n  402B-1375)


                                   In the early 1960s Cessna developed the Model 411 which was designed, primarily, for the corp-
                                   orate market.  The design base gave rise to several third-level carrier commuter aircraft models, of
                                   which the 402B/C series was the most numerous.  An austere version of the 402B, the Utililiner was 
                                   also built along with a deluxe-trim interior model, the Businessliner.   Imperial purchased five of the
                                   latter in the 1970s.    The one above was photographed at Lindbergh Field, San Diego in May 1980
                                   by Frank C. Duarte, Jr.    With the delivery of the Embraer Bandeirantes, Imperial changed its livery
                                   and seen below is another shot by Frank, also at San Diego, in January 1984 showing another of
                                   Imperial's 402Bs wearing the new, modernized, paint job.

                                Cessna 402B  Businessliner  N4625N        (c/n  402B-1377)