Hawaiian Airlines  McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10  N171AA         (c/n  46906)


                                        As replacements for the Lockheed L-1011 Tristars, HAL leased nine DC-10-10s from American
                                        Airlines in 1994.   Possibly because they were leased, these machines were retained in their all
                                        aluminum cabin roof finish.  It is conjectured that American would not want to ante up the cost of
                                        removing all that white paint.  In the event, of course, HAL kept them until they were replaced by
                                        767s by which time they were too old for American to put them back into their fleet.  This one was
                                        slated to go to Fedex as a freighter, but even that deal fell through and the machine was eventually
                                        scrapped at Mojave (September 2002).  The above shot was taken by Michael F. McLaughlin at
                                        LAX in May of 1997.