Hawaiian Airlines  Boeing 717-22A    N475HA            (c/n  55121)

                                         In 2001 Hawaiian undertook a complete fleet modernization program.  This consisted on settling
                                         on two types of aircraft (versus the myriad of different types they had operated in the past). The
                                         inter-island routes would be flown by the McDonnell Douglas MD-95, (aka the Boeing 717
                                         following the take over of MDD by Boeing), whilst for the long range mainland routes the airline
                                         opted for the Boeing 767-300ER.    The nice shot above is by Joe Pries of the ATR Team and
                                         depicts the first of the 717s at Long Beach prior to delivery to the airline in February of 2001.
                                         Along with the modernization program came the new livery.  Why, oh why, do airlines like faces
                                         on the fin and rudder?  Do people actually get paid for dreaming up these schemes?