Golden Pacific Airlines  Beech 99   N551GP            (c/n  U78)


                                        Golden Pacific ran commuter services from San Francisco to Merced, Modesto, Visalia, Santa
                                        Rosa, Sacramento and Fresno.   Bill Larkins' shot above was taken at Concord, a stop on the 
                                        Sacramento route.   The airline was founded on 3 March 1969 and operated mainly Beech 99s
                                        and Piper Navajos.  The plan was to upgrade to the Convair 440 but by early 1973 the company
                                        was in financial difficulties and folded before that ambitious scheme could take place.   N551GP
                                        was originally built as N7807N for Allegheny Commuter.   When Golden Paicifc failed it went to
                                        Vercoa Air Service as N7809R and later to Britt Airlines as N319BA.