Empire Air Lines  Douglas DC-3  N62375                    (c/n  19028)


                                      Empire upgraded to DC-3s in March of 1948.  Color scheme at this time was a dark green cheat
                                      line with "Empire" in red.   Empire Air Lines was absorbed by West Coast Airlines on 4 Aug 1952.
                                      Only the DC-3s passed to WCA, the Boeing 247s having been sold off.    Photos of Empire DC-3s
                                      are not common, and the above is from the Barney P. Buckley collection.  Inscription on the nose
                                      says 'Tri-City Timesaver'.   My flying shot of NC62375 came from a boarding pass envelope, circa
                                      1948.   Immediately below is seen another of Empire's ex military C-47As, NC62373..      
                                      Tim Bradley has done a nice color profile of this particular DC-3 (foot of the page) which will be
                                      of value to modelers.

                               Empire Air Lines  Douglas DC-3  N62373                                (c/n  19212)