Eastern Air Transport    Pitcairn PA-8  NC10751                          (c/n  162)


                                              The president of North American Aviation at the time of the purchase of Pitcairn Aviation's
                                              operating division was Clement M. Keys.  He was, at the time, intent on building a vast airline
                                              empire.  One of his first acts was to change the name of Pitcairn Aviation to that of Eastern
                                              Air Transport.  As indicated earlier, the fledgling airline had a motley fleet of some 44 aircraft.
                                              The PA-8 was one of the first of the airline's new purchases and was an improved version of
                                              the earlier PA-5 Mailwing. Several Super Mailwings were purchased in 1930 for the sole
                                              purpose of carrying mail..  The upgraded aircraft had a far greater payload  than its predecessor
                                              and was able to operate at increased speeds and with longer range.