Eastern Air Transport   Curtiss Condor T-32  NC12353                 (c/n  21)


                                             In 1932 Curtiss developed an all-new biplane airliner (despite the fact that Douglas and Boeing
                                             were working on monoplane types at the time) and elected to name it after the earlier Condor.
                                             It was, however, a c totally different machine and, although a biplane, incorporated many of the
                                              then state-of-art concepts.   American Airlines acquired a fleet of them when they purchased
                                             Transamerican Airlines and Eastern Air Transport ordered five, one of which is seen above.
                                             They offered a 12 hour service between New York and Miami.  (It can almost take that long
                                             today if one doesn't take a direct flight, opting for the cheaper hub-to-hub concept!).