Eastern Air Lines   Lockheed L-649 Constellation      NX101A     (c/n     2518)


                                        Eastern's Constellations were actually Model 649s which differed from the model 049 in that
                                        they had a strengthened airframe, improved brakes and additional fuel tankage. When introduced
                                        on the New York to Miami run in June of 1947 they cut the schedule to 4 hours.  This, the first
                                        of the Constellations to be delivered, is still wearing its NX registration (although it wasn't
                                        particularly experimental).  The shot of sister aircraft NC108A (below), in full "Fly - Eastern Air
                                        Lines" livery has always bothered me.  It looks like the props of all four Wright Double Cyclones
                                        have been feathered, but perhaps the camera speed was such that the props were "stopped"!  If
                                        it was the former, it'd be awfully quiet in there!  Both images came from Eastern Air Lines in the 1940s.

                                        Lockheed L-649 Constellation  NC108A    (c/n  2529)