Eastern Air Lines  Douglas DC-3-454   N15567                 (c/n  6342)


                                                 In 1949 "The Great Silver Fleet" legend was replaced with "Fly - Eastern Air Lines".    This
                                                 machine was built in 1942, ostensibly as an airline aircraft (was to have been NC30045) but
                                                 in the event was "drafted" into the U.S. Army Air Corps as a C-49J (43-1986).         After
                                                 WW II it became N15567, using a block of numbers which had previously not been issued.
                                                 The aircraft seen below in this shot from the John Scott collection shows a 'true' DC-3,
                                                 delivered to the airline in February 1942 (and which appears never to been militarized) was
                                                 initially liveried 'The Great Silver Fleet' and appears to have been repainted in 1949 as
                                                 'Fly-Eastern Air Lines'            t was sold off by EAL in 1952 becoming N88C for A.J.
                                                 Leeward of Fort Wayne, Texas. 

                                               Eastern Air Lines  Douglas DC-3-201F   NC28382                     (c/n  4090)