Eastern Air Lines   Douglas DC-3-201E     NC28391         (c/n  2268)


                                              Post war now, and enhanced with elaborate cheatline and "Falcon" tail.    Delivered in 1940,
                                              this DC-3 was sold to Trans Texas Airlines in the late 1940s.  Surprisingly, it was not impressed
                                              into USAAF service from 1941-45, but probably performed transport duties within the U.S.
                                              during those years..  Seen below in this image from the John Scott collection is another, earlier
                                              pre-war example, delivered in 1939.  Note:  No falcon on the  rudder.   After the war (circa 1948)
                                              it was sold off and acquired by noted broadcaster and entertainer Arthur M. Godfrey as N1M.

                                          Eastern Air Lines   Douglas DC-3-201A   NC21743              (c/n  2102)