Eastern Air Lines  McDonnell Douglas DC-10--30   N392EA    (c/n  47867)


                                         With deregulation came an expansion of all the major airlines' areas of operation. They virtually went
                                         wild.  Eastern was granted a Miami to London route and also began serving the far reaches of South
                                         America (Rio, et al).  And guess what?  The aircraft for which they had opted, i.e. the Lockheed Tristar,
                                         although eminently suitable for their domestic routes, didn't have the range for these long haul over-water
                                         jaunts.  They were, therefore, forced to acquire longer range aircraft if they were to take advantage of
                                         these new destination offerings.  In 1985 then, they purchased three DC-10s from Alitalia, and called
                                         them "Golden Falcons"..  This one was ex I-DYNC and is seen here at Miami in this shot by Adriaan
                                         Lengkeek in February of 1989.   N392EA was later leased to Continental Air Lines (after Frank Lorenzo
                                         took over at EAL) where it was to have been re-registered N41068 (I do not believe this actually took
                                         place, however),.  It later (in 2002) went to AVENSA as YV-60C.