Delta Air Lines  Stinson SM-6000-B   Unknown


                                               These early Delta Air Lines images really are dreadful.  Even on the original print the registration
                                               of this machine is not discernible.  I suspect it would be one of the ex-Century Air Lines aircraft
                                               in the NC108xx series.   Anyway, in 1934, when the Post Office Department cancelled all the
                                               existing air mail contracts and called for rebids, Woolman bid on, and was awarded, Contract
                                               Air Mail Route # 24 to carry mail from Dallas to Charleston, South Carolina via Atlanta.  Although
                                               he still had some of his original Travelairs, several Stinson Model Ts (as the SM-6000 was often
                                               called) were acquired.     One of the gentlemen standing outside the (starboard) door is probably
                                               the great C.E. Woolman himself.