Delta Air Lines McDonnell Douglas MD-90  N910DN   (c/n  53390)


                                              The MD-90 is the "ultimate stretch'" of the original Douglas DC-9 short range airliner, although
                                              mods on the drawing board are destined to make it longer still.    N910DN is one of  some 33
                                              operated by Delta and is seen here touching down at Salt Lake City International Airport in
                                              September of 2003 in this shot from the Art Brett  - Photovation collection.  (For more on this
                                              collection go to )  Despite the fairly recent date, this aircraft has
                                              retained the old so called "widget" livery.  Most had been repainted with the red and blue fin
                                              and rudder by this late date. The MD-90s are due to be retired within the next couple of years,
                                              assuming  that Delta continues as a viable airline.  For more on the future history see my note
                                              at the end of the entry for the Boeing 777.