Delta Air Lines   McDonnell Douglas MD-11  N802DE       (c/n  48473)


                                      Delta was the first airline to offer service within the US on the MD-11 in 1990, although foreign
                                      carriers (particularly in Europe) had been using them for years.  Delta acquired a total of 17 of
                                      them. N802DE was not delivered until 1992, and is seen above in this shot by Florian Kondziela
                                      at Frankfort-Main in May of 2001.   They were used for roughly a decade and then were either
                                      sold to operators such as World Airways or parked out in the desert in Arizona awaiting further use
                                      However, having said that, as recently as mid-summer 2005. N802DE was still at Hartsfield in
                                      less than illustrious condition.  Final fate unsure.   Incidentally, for more of Florian Kondziela's
                                      work go to his own website at:   Fascinating stuff!