Delta Air Lines Douglas DC-8-71  N1304L            (c/n  46048)


                                        The DC-8 was the first of the jet airliners to seriously embody the "stretch" principle.  The DC-8-61
                                        was some 20 feet longer than the series 51, giving a maximum 259 passenger capacity.  Delta was
                                        one of the few airlines to modify their series 61s with 22,000 lb s.t. CFM56-2-C1 turbofans, thus
                                        giving rise to the series 71.  (United was another). The stretched look and profile of the turbofan is
                                        very much in evidence in this image of N1304L taken by Robert M. Campbell as the aircraft was
                                        departing Newark International, New Jersey in 1986.   When the airlines were done with them they
                                        found a ready market with the likes of the cargo carriers such as UPS (where this one went in 1990),
                                        who converted them to freighters.