Delta Air Lines Douglas DC-8-51  N807E         (c/n  45645)


                                           Delta shared the honors with United for putting the first DC-8s into service within the continental
                                           USA by flying their first schedule on 18 September 1959 (between New York and Atlanta).  Even
                                           so their loyalty to the Douglas Company meant that they were some eight months behind the first
                                           Boeing 707 operations introduced by American, who had the passenger revenue statistics to prove
                                           it.  N807E was built in 1962 as a series 51, although the earlier DC-8-11s were all later converted
                                           to that status.   My own shot below taken at LAX in 1961 is rare in that it illustrates the aircraft
                                           before it was converted to series 51 standard and wearing the first livery scheme adopted for the
                                           DC-8s.  Note "DC-8 Jetliner" on fin. 

                                           Delta Air Lines Douglas DC-8-11   N805E                 (c/n  45412)