Delta Air Lines  Boeing 767-232    N101DA         (c/n  22213)


                                       Delta put the wide body 767 in service in 1982, and they were gradually to assume the role formerly
                                       undertaken by the valiant Lockheed Tristar.   N101DA was the Boeing test and development aircraft
                                       for Delta's 767 fleet and, as such, was not the first delivered to the airline.  That distinction belonged to
                                       the # 2 machine, N102DA, the $30M capital cost of which had ostensibly been paid for by employees
                                       of Delta Air Lines through payroll deductions.  This effort was organized by three Delta flight attendants
                                       to show the employees' appreciation to Delta for its management and leadership during the early years
                                       following airline deregulation.   This aircraft, named "Spirit of Delta" was later repainted in a commemorative
                                       paint scheme (reminsicent of the airline's 1940s livery) and toured the country to celebrate the airline's 75th
                                       anniversary in 2004.    It is seen in the nice image below by Michael McLaughlin departing La Guardia for
                                       Atlanta in 2005.