Delta Air Lines  Boeing 757-232   N602DL            (c/n  22809)

                                   By 1984 the airline which had grown out of the cotton field crop dusting operation was a very large
                                   airline indeed.  They didn't do things by halves.  In order to replace their aging 727s, they ordered
                                   a massive fleet of 100 Boeing 757s.  Not all at once, but that's what it amounted to.   In fact, the
                                   100th machine was delivered in 1999.   The image above shows the second one delivered in the
                                   then Delta markings.  This aircraft is still with the airline, better than twenty years on, and is now
                                   decked out in the latest Delta livery as seen in the shot below by Art Brett of Photovation Images,
                                   captured as the aircraft was on short finals into Tampa International in January of 2003.   For more
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