Delta Air LInes Boeing 747-132    N9899            (c/n  20246)


                                                 With the delivery, in 1970, of their first Boeing 747s, Delta became an all jet airline.  It
                                                 seems that, in the early 1970s any airline worth its salt had to have Boeing 747s (whether
                                                 they could justify them or not).   In the event, Delta's (of which they only had five) were
                                                 replaced by the slightly more economical Lockheed L-1011 Tristar in 1973.   N9899
                                                 was converted to a freighter in 1977 and sold to Flying Tiger Line as N804FT.  The above
                                                 shot was taken by Bob Garrard at Atlanta's Hartsfield (Delta's HQ)  in October of 1976
                                                 as the aircraft was shedding its tractor prior to proceeding to one of the active runways. .