Delta Air Lines Boeing 737-832    N3759         (c/n  30815)


                                                Another absolutely stunning image by Manas Barooah of a late model Delta 737-800 on short
                                                finals into San Jose's Norman Y. Mineta International Airport in the summer of 2005.   As I
                                                have indicated before, any resemblance between this machine and the series 200 previously
                                                shown is purely coincidental!   In fact, in the over the two decades which have elapsed since
                                                the 737 first flew, the advancements made to this "short haul" airliner have created, to all intents
                                                and purposes, a completely different aircraft.   I deliberately quote "short haul" since the 800
                                                series is now easily capable of transcontinental schedules.   The placing of this shot within the
                                                Delta chronology is technically incorrect, since these late model 737s were not put into operation
                                                until the 21st century.  However, I decided to place the three variations of the basic design together
                                                for ease of comparison.