Continental Airlines   Boeing 727-224   N88701           (c/n    19510)


                                           This, the first 727-200 for Continental was delivered in May of 1968.  As with many carriers,
                                           it became the airline's standard medium to long range airliner in the 1970s.  On 1 Feb 1987
                                           Continental absorbed upstart cut-price airline People Express.  With the merger came several
                                           727-200s.   One of these is seen in the image below by Frank C. Duarte Jr. at San Diego in
                                           August of that year wearing a sort of hybrid PE/Continental livery.  During the interim period,
                                           until they could be repainted with full Continental markings, a variety of liveries was to be seen
                                           ........some with gold tails, some without.

                                     Boeing 727-232 Adv  N520PE          (c/n    20643)