Continental Airlines  Boeing 727-024C   N2475             (c/n  19528)


                                       Continental's first Boeing 727s appeared in 1968, a year after its first DC-9s went into service. They
                                       only ever operated about 25 of them all told, opting for the more popular series 200 aircraft as their
                                       chief medium range jet in the 1970s.   This particular machine was the one with which Air Micronesia
                                       began operations in 1967 . This airline, whilst not truly a Continental subsidiary (CO only held 31%
                                       of the shares, vs 20% for Aloha Airlines and 49% for the majority holder United Micronesian Devel-
                                       opment Association) was operated by Continental aircraft and crews, and initially in the early days of
                                       the line the livery was pure Continental.  Later on it was overprinted, as a philatelist would say, with
                                       Air Micronesia titles.. The nice shot above came, in fact, from Air Micronesia.   The first five aircraft
                                       (N2471 to N2475) were originally dressed in Golden Jet scheme, as seen in the rare shot below by
                                       Mike Sparkman.