Continental Air Lines  Douglas DC-3   N68179                  (c/n  4843)


                                    Here's a nice shot of two now white-topped and revised liveried Continental DC-3s outside the
                                    hangar at Denver's Stapleton Airfield in the1950s.  Continental owned about 30 of these machines
                                    at one time or another.   N68179 was another ex C-53-DO, being the USAAF's 41-20073.   It
                                    went to the Ford Motor Company as an executive transport in the 1960s.   Taken at exactly the
                                    same spot but a little later is Leo J. Kohn's shot below of N15585.  By now the white top had
                                    egressed below the cheat line.

                                  Douglas DC-3  N15565       (c/n    4849)