Comair  Shorts SD-330  N2678G                          (c/n  SH.3072)


                                        When introduced in 1982, the Shorts 330s were the first Comair aircraft large enough to require
                                        flight attendants.    They were acquired as a short term solution to augmenting the capacity of the
                                        Bandeirantes and were not in service long.  Only one was purchased outright from Northern Ire-
                                        land, four or five others being leased at one time or another.   N2678G was the longest-lived in
                                        Comair service and flew with them from 1982 until 1986.   Incidentally, in 1982 the airline moved
                                        its Greater Cincinnati Airport gates from Terminal A to Terminal D to be right next door to Delta's
                                        facilities, a sign of the times to come.