Comair   Saab/Fairchild SF340A     N344CA                               (c/n  025)


                                        Comair was the first US operator of the Saab/Fairchild SF 340, its first machine coming on line
                                        in July 1984.   Possessing, as it did, 33 revenue passenger seats, its use forced Comair to apply
                                        to the FAA for permission to operate under Part 121, and upgrade froim its Commuter status
                                        under Part 135.   By this time Comair's routes ranged from Birmingham, AL in the south to Mil-
                                        waukee, WI in the north.  A decisive move was made shortly afterwards when, in September
                                        1984, the airline became a fully-fledged Delta Connection carrier.    John Kelley took the above
                                        shot as one of Comair's 18 Saabs was on short finals ro Toronto's Lester B. Pearson International
                                        Airport inApril of 1993.