Comair   Embraer EMB-110P1 Bandeirante  N60CZ                  (c/n  110375)


                                  In 1981 Comair went public and got listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange.  Even before that
                                  event it had ordered two Embraer Bandeirants, the forerunners of a fleet of a dozen or so of these
                                  efficient 18-pax Brazilian turboprop machines eventually to be operated.  By now it had become
                                  the regional carrier of note throughout the Ohio Valley, and south into West Virginia.  Seen above
                                  in August 1991 is one of the first delivered, although this shot, by Frank C. Duarte, Jr was taken
                                  in Orlando, Florida, after the airline had developed (in 1987) a divison operating out of Orlando
                                  and serving Florida, Birmingham and the Bahamas regions.