Comair    Canadair CL-600-2B19 Regional Jet CRJ-100ER  N821CA      (c/n 7420)


                                   In 1991 Comair ordered its first pure jets and delivery of the first Canadair Regional Jet was made
                                   in 1993.    By that time the airline had reorganized into being a subsidiary of a new parent company,
                                   Comair Holdings, Inc.  Similarly, Canadair had became the core company of  Bombardier Aerospace
                                   in 1986 and so theoretically, these machines should be described as Bombardier (Canadair), although
                                   normal nomenclature excludes the governing corporation in their identity.  Anyway, as previously
                                   stated, Comair had  become a code-sharing partner with Delta Air Lines in 1984 and hence its first
                                   CRJs were delivered in dual markings, with "Delta Connection" on the forward fuselage and Comair
                                   across the fun and rudder.   Joe Osciak's shot above exemplifies the original delivery in this shot of
                                   N821CA departing Philadelphia International Airport in September of 2006.   The Comair name
                                   has lately been  repositioned on the nose although over the the years a variety of different liveries has
                                   been applied to individual aircraft, an example of which  is seen  below in this shot by Dan Brownlee at
                                   Washington-Dulles in January 2006, showing a CRJ100ER with a facsimile of the Cincinnati skyline as
                                   its theme.  

                                  Canadair CL-600-2B19 Regional Jet CRJ-100ER   N729CA                          (c/n  7265)